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Project Settings

Estimated reading: 2 minutes VTO Studio  allows you to create custom 3D experiences for exploring and visualizing 3D models in browser or using augmented reality that work across all mobile web browsers, without writing any code.

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to build a basic 3D product preview it in 5 steps, using the Virtual Preview Studio.


Open Project

To get started, login to the dashboard and open your existing VTO project.
Open VTO Project

Once the project loads, click the ⚙ (gear icon) ️next to the project name in the upper left hand corner, to display the Project Settings panel.

Project Settings

Project Settings

The  Project Settings  panel allows you to update the project info, configure the Header, CTA button, Desktop QR prompt, AR instructions and an input to add custom CSS to give you full control over the styles within your project.

Project Info

The  Project Info  tab allows you to update the project name, description, and thumbnail image. These settings affect both, the project’s appearance in the dashboard and the preview that appears when you share a link to the experience.

Project Settings - Project Info
Enterprise users can set a custom Google Analytics ID to send events data directly to your GA dashboard.


The  Header  tab allows you to customize the header banner that appears across the top part of the screen.

Header Settings
Header Banner
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